Pilates Price list


I run sessions during term time so the number of classes per block usually reflect these. A typical block varies between 5-7 weeks. Please see current dates on the Pilates page.

There are two ways to pay for classes – Block booking and Subscription booking. Both are intended to encourage you to attend classes as regularly as possible.

Block booking: – Pay for the whole block in advance.

60 min sessions = £11 per session

(for example, a 6 week block = £66; 7 weeks = £77)

Subscription booking: – Pay for half the block in advance; then £5 for every class you turn up to.

[for example – a 6 week block = £33 in advance plus £5.50 on the day/eve for every class you attend.

                       a 7 week block = £38.50 in advance plus £5.50 on the day/eve of every class you attend]

Pilates Flow: 45min (Drop-in only*)          £9

*Drop in spaces are for Pilates Flow only. Spaces available if there is room in the class so please contact me first.


Initial Assessment (75 minutes):    £70

Standard session (60 minute):        £50



Standard session (60 minute):        £70


BLOCK BOOKING (for one-on-one)

5 sessions – 5% discount:       £238

10 sessions – 10% discount:   £450


To book a session or sign up to a class please contact me.