Autumn’s approach…

As Autumn is approaching I always feel this is a good time to make positive new goals, and get ready for feeling happy and healthy as we slide into those chilly winter months.

I have been inspired by some old acquaintances to keep moving and look for some new challenges, so I will be looking to include lovely new exercises into the classes and, hopefully, even some new classes in the New Year, time and children permitting!

I am also off to a Pilates Foundation course in October which involves working with toning and golf balls! Hmm…lets see what happens! I shall report back to you in due course!

So for now let us just deal with an exercise for the month:

#1 Chest Openings –

This is a lovely little stretchy exercise – perfect for combating those tight muscles we develop as we slouch! This one really opens up the pectorals and you should feel a nice stretchy pain-free pull running up across the pec to the shoulder. Try it with a small weight (a half litre bottle of water is perfect) to add a little more impact! Doing this 5 to 10 repetitions per side daily will really enhance your upper body posture and get rid of that slouch!

Phil Does…Chest Openings.


And remember…keep smiling!