March News!…

Hello everyone! Spring is nearly upon us. It’s lovely to see the first signs of the new season. I hope it is filling you with a fresh inspiration, what with one thing and another.

It is still Zoom time for now and you have all been amazing in your online attendance, so the January offer continues….classes are running from Tuesday 2nd March to Saturday 3rd April and you are welcome to attend as many sessions per week as you like for the month, at a cost of £40.

The Zoom recording of the classes are also available at £40 for the month or you can opt to PAYG at £8 per session.

Class times remain at:

Tuesday 7.30pm

Wednesday 9.45am

Thursday 6.30pm

Saturday 9.30am

You can join up at anytime, so do get in touch. Let’s keep that fascia moving!