‘Also In Pink’ – A Podcast (and other February news…)

Hello everyone!

Some exciting news this month is that I was interviewed for a Podcast! A lovely client of mine, Alexandria Lawrence, is a KonMari Consultant and has created a website and business called Also in Pink, which is packed full of ideas for style, design and living. Her aim is to create conversation and understanding around living your ideal life – very positive (especially in these times) and a welcome focus for anytime of life. In our conversation we talk about everything from my background in dance, how I discovered Pilates and the benefits it had on my dance career and beyond; through to my own style choices and my own thoughts on living a healthy, positive life. If you fancied taking a listen then the link to the podcast and Alexandria’s website is below. Just follow the menu to the Podcast section and you’ll see my picture!



The podcast also takes you through a seated Pilates workout so do check it out if you have a spare moment to fill!

In other February news:

I will be keeping the offer of all classes in the month of February for a cost of £32. If you sign up to it you can take part in as many zoom classes as you like for the entire month of February for a monthly cost of £32.

A weekly Zoom recording is also available at the same cost of £32 for the month of Feb, which you can repeat for the week as often as you like, or £8 drop in per class if you wish for more flexibility.

I hope you’re all keeping well out there.

Keep Moving